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Fun and interactive

Baby Signing

classes for babies,

toddlers, preschoolers and their grown-ups in North Wiltshire, Swindon and online.

Do you believe that your baby has something to say and deserves a way to say it?

Baby signing teacher Ioanna

"I had a lovely moment with H. a couple of weeks ago. She was getting quite upset and was trying to tell me she wanted something, but the more she tried and I didn't understand, the more upset she became until I realised I should just start going through all the relevant signs- worked a treat! She was happy again and I was so pleased and proud- it felt great and was a brilliant example of how useful it is a parenting tool".

Baby Signing Mum, Anna

You are in the right place!

I'm Ioanna, owner and teacher at Sign + Learn, previously Little Signers Club North Wiltshire + Swindon. You can learn a bit more about me here.

If you believe that communication with little ones should be a joy and not a worry, you will feel right at home here!

It's true that babies are born with a natural desire to communicate

How would you feel if your baby was able to explain that she was hungry, needed a clean nappy or wanted a cuddle with you?

Now, how would you feel if I told you that there is an easy way for you to communicate efficiently, responsibly and respectfully with your little one? A tool that would not only prevent frustration and tantrums caused by the lack of communication but would also offer you a whole new insight into the way your baby perceives the world?

It's simple. And it's called Baby Signing.



Amazing, isn't it? And trust me- I can help you get there in an easy, enjoyable and fun way! 

“A person's a person,
no matter how small.”


Dr Seuss


What parents say...

"We have loved our online signing classes with Ioanna - she is so kind and encouraging and always brightens our day! It has been wonderful to see the progress my daughter has made with her signing. I would recommend baby signing to everyone to help improve your communication with your little one!"

Vicky, Baby Signing Basics & Sing, Sign + Rhyme

“Ioanna is not only an incredible teacher but a sparkling ray of sunshine. She’s always so full of energy, enthusiasm and smiles. And I cannot believe how much I’ve learnt in such a short space of time. It has helped me communicate with my 9-month-old son so much!!! Thank you. I couldn’t recommend her and Little Signers more! Absolutely superb.”

Jo, Baby Signing Basics

"THE best class I could have hoped for. Ioanna is super professional and experienced. My baby girl loves going to sign class to learn songs and signs, meet other babies, and play with bubbles. Ioanna helps create a very comfortable and safe space for both babies and mamas; which is super important to help both babies and mamas learn from each other and talk about our struggles, specially as first time parents during a pandemic. I am so so glad I found you."


Sammy, Baby Signing Basics 

"We love going to Ioanna's baby signing class each week. Ioanna really gets to know and includes everyone there.

I can't believe how many signs we have learnt over the first six weeks. I wasn't sure I would be able to remember them but Ioanna teaches them in a way that you learn them without realising. It's great now seeing my little girl react to some of the signs I do at home so I know she is understanding them and will soon start signing back. Baby signing is such a great skill to help your little one communicate.

We've just started another term, it's great to be back."

Frances, Baby Signing Basics

Do you want to practise Baby Signing at home, build on what you've learnt at the classes or buy a gift for a new or expectant parent? There is something for everyone! 

Visit the shop here.

BSL signed stories- our little ones love them!