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Baby Signing

for babies, toddlers, preschoolers
and their grown-ups.

Do you believe that your baby has something to say and deserves a way to say it?

Accredited Little Signers Club Baby Signing Classes

Welcome! I'm Ioanna - owner and teacher at Sign + Learn (part of the Little Signers Club family).


If you believe that communication with little ones should be a joy, you will feel right at home with Sign + Learn! 

Babies are born with a natural desire to communicate. Learn how to communicate easily, efficiently and respectfully with your baby or toddler, using Baby Signing. 

How would you feel if your baby was able to explain that they are hungry, need a clean nappy or want a cuddle with you? Well, it's possible if you know baby sign language!

Book a Baby Signing Class with Sign + Learn to prevent frustration and tantrums caused by lack of communication, whilst gaining insight into the way your baby perceives the world. 

FREE Guide to Baby Signing
with Printable Sign Language Chart


Learn How To Start Baby Signing with Your Little One​


Inside you'll find:

  • a brief introduction to Baby Signing

  • a presentation of the main benefits of Baby Signing

  • guidance on how to do it

  • the most frequently asked questions answered

  • and a useful printable chart with your first 6 signs

And the best of all? The guide is designed to be read straight on your phone or tablet, no need to print it out!

Get it now and start your baby signing journey today!

Learn More About Baby Signing Classes

Helping you to learn Baby Signing in an easy, enjoyable and fun way! 

 CPD accredited baby signing teacher

CPD Accreditation Update

I'm delighted to say that Baby Signing Basics™ Licensed Training has been awarded CPD Certification.

Little Signers Club is the only CPD-accredited provider of baby signing training in the UK.

Why is this important?

CPD accreditation means that Little Signers Club training, which I undergo as a LSC Licenced Teacher, meets rigorous CPD standards and aligns with the very best practices in the field of baby signing. This way, I'm proud of bringing to you the very best of baby-signing.

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