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I am delighted to be part of the Little Signers Club® family, whose classes I have taught for more than four years (previously as Little Signers Club North Wiltshire + Swindon).

Little Signers Club® | communication + connection = confidence


When you attend a class bearing the Little Signers Club® logo, you'll find that the focus is on early bonding and attachment, infant and maternal mental health as well as the respectful care of young children.

Little Signers Club® classes are relaxed and welcoming, with practitioners who take extra care to support your parenting journey, help you build enduring friendships and experience shared understanding.


Baby signing is the ultimate parenting hack. And, done the Little Signers Club® way, gives little children the tools to communicate clearly with their special grown-ups before speech begins. The outcomes include happier babies, less frustrated toddlers, trusting interactions, deeper bonding and as a result, a much less stressed you who can understand what your little one needs or wants to tell you. Being the grown-up of a little person is suddenly much more fun and you gain such a deeply insightful window into the life, loves, and interests of your little one.


For over a decade Little Signers Club®, and its community of practitioners, has guided tens of thousands of families and early years settings in the ‘how’s and whys’ of baby signing through expertly developed courses and classes.

For full details of the Little Signers Club® classes offered by Sign + Learn, click here.

All the courses and classes content is copyright to S Ensor.

Little Signers Club® Licensed Practitioners

Ioanna Misdrakou trading as Sign + Learn is licensed to deliver classes, courses, and workshops that fall under Little Signers Club® Licensed Practitioner frameworks.


Little Signers Club Licensed Practitioners are supported and endorsed by speech, language, and communication experts, child development experts and set the standard for baby signing in the UK. Truly unique in their structure and ability to adapt to the changing needs of a group, Little Signers Club® Licensed Practitioner classes focus on signing and communication, bonding and attachment, responsive and respectful care, life skills, and core competencies, and are delivered under license by BSL-qualified, fully trained, practitioners. 

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