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  What is baby signing?



Baby signing is a tool that helps parents/caregivers and babies to communicate before speech. Using simple signs alongside words, babies learn to express themselves clearly and effectively. Signing to your baby as you go with your daily routine is a great way to help your baby understand the meaning behind the signs and the words. With daily exposure to the signs and the gross motor skills sufficiently developed to form simple signs, the adventure begins! 

  When should I start signing with my baby?


There is no "right age" to start signing. You can start signing with your baby as early as you want to. However, you have to manage your expectations and keep in mind that you may have to wait to see results until your baby is 8 to 10 months old. I recommend introducing signs to your baby around the fourth month when they begin to focus. Toddlers who already speak some words can still benefit hugely from baby signing, as toddler speech is usually unclear and some words are difficult for them to use.   

  We use more than one languages at home. Is signing beneficial for us?


Absolutely! For families that use more than one languages at home, baby signing serves as a bridge between these languages. Because signing is visual, it helps your baby to see the connection between the two different pronounced words.


  Will signing stop my baby from talking?


Not at all! Signing (when it's done correctly) helps the development of language and literacy skills and enhances communication. Dr. Joseph Garcia, one of the world's foremost experts on communicating with infants, says "Baby signing accelerates your baby's language development so that when speech begins, the content is more sophisticated. "

  When can I expect my baby to start signing?


Although you can start signing to your baby as early as you want, you can't expect them to sign back until they have sufficiently developed their gross motor skills. This usually happens around the sixth month of life.  


  What if I can't join a face-to-face class?


If you live locally, I would love to welcome you to one of my face-to-face classes. However, if you can't join for whatever reason, you can join my online classes no matter where you live in the country. Online classes are an excellent way to learn at your own pace and are extremely accommodating for parents with busy lifestyles. When joining one of the membership-based online classes, you get access to the amazing online resources, including the replays of the weekly live classes, in case you missed them or want to revise.


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