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Baby Signing Classes with Sign + Learn

Would you like to know which Baby Signing Class is most suitable for you and your little one/s?
Sign & Learn are part of the Little Signers Club network– offering award-winning British Sign Language classes for babies and toddlers. Read on for more details about each class and to make a booking- there is something for everyone, from mums in pregnancy to children up to 3 years.  Local classes are held in North Wiltshire, but we also offer online classes that you can attend remotely.

Very First Signs for Babies and Toddlers

Very First Signs for Babies and Toddlers

Do you want to find out what baby signing is all about?

This 30-minute workshop is designed to introduce you and your baby to signing and give you an insight into how you can communicate with each other before speech.

By the end of the Very First Signs session, you will be confident that you know:

  • Some background information on the research behind baby signing and the wonderful list of benefits.

  • Eight key signs, which you can start using with your baby straight away.

  • How to sign with your baby correctly.

  • How signing can improve your daily routine with your little one

This is an online baby signing class. You have the choice to attend live or watch the replay that will be sent to you after the class, at your convenience.

Click on the booking button below to see the dates of the next class and to book your space at Very First Signs Online.

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Very First Signs for Babies and Toddlers - Launching now!

The Very First Signs mini-course is here!

Instant Access


What do you get?

  • A 20-minute recorded class in which I talk about the benefits of baby signing and teach you the core signs you need to start signing with your baby.

  • 8 videos of the signs taught in the class, which you can download.

  • 3 bonus sign videos

  • Printable "I can sign..." cards to record your baby's progress and use them as a conversation starter with your baby.

  • Lifetime access to everything and unlimited support via email.​

Baby Signing Basics

Baby Signing Basics™

An award-winning flagship course from Little Signers Club® that provides you with a structured, informative introduction to parenting with baby signing on your side.

Covering key topics and signs, each session of this 12-week course gently guides you through your baby’s communication development and helps you to understand how baby signing supports this. Baby Signing Basics™ is fun, relaxed, and focuses on practical parenting outcomes too.

Once you have finished this course, you will be confident in your ability to use simple signs with your baby, know exactly what to expect from your baby as they start to sign for themselves, and have a repertoire of useful signs to take you all through your signing day together.

Baby Signing Basics is taught online (replays will be provided) or face-to-face in North Wiltshire. Recommended for parents and children of all abilities and languages, from 5 - 18 months.

Sing, Sign + Rhyme classes- our lively, informal classes.

Sing, Sign + Rhyme™


The perfect follow-on classes from Baby Signing Basics™.  These sessions are lively, informal classes that are ideal for little ones of all ages.  

Classes are based around an engaging theme each week such as popular stories and the world around your little people. There is plenty of singing, signing, and popular rhymes to gently engage your baby or toddler.

This 6-week block of classes is recommended for children of all abilities and languages, from 3 months to 3 years.  Sing, Sign & Rhyme classes are available locally in North Wiltshire or via online classes.

Time in Toolkit- our self-paced course for 12-42 month olds.

Time In Toolkit™


Is your little one aged 12-42 months old? Time in Toolkit is here and it is for you!

Our Time In Toolkit is all about connection, communication and confidence - for you and your little one - as we adapt to changing times.

From being at home more to understanding big feelings, we've thought carefully about the tools that will support you the most, right now.

Time In Toolkit™ removes some of the guesswork, stress and frustration that often accompanies early childhood. Yours - and theirs.

Self-paced. Instant access. Tools that you can start using right now.

The results?

Trust, shared understanding and greater confidence that yes, yes, you are getting it right today.

Fourth Trimester Circle classes

Fourth Trimester Circle™

Our lovely Fourth Trimester Circle™ was developed especially to support parents through the last stages of pregnancy and during the first few months after birth. The need to connect with others who understand our joys, fears, questions and general life-changing experience is enormous. Little wonder that the circles and friendships we form around us at this time are those that tend to last for years to come. These gentle classes, complete with a beautiful online support pack, are exactly the place for you to meet your new-parent friends, form those crucial bonds and understand how baby signing can support your parenting journey, even at this very early stage. Recommended for expectant parents and early infancy, up to around 20 weeks.

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