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"Children must be taught how to think,
not what to think."


Margaret Mead

Ioanna signing "time"

Hi there!

I'm Ioanna, the owner of Sign + Learn, previously Little Signers Club North Wiltshire + Swindon. I started running baby signing classes in November 2019 and since then I have been fortunate enough to meet many lovely families and see babies learning their first signs with me. 


My academic background is in Social Anthropology, a field of study that has shaped my personality and the way I perceive the world. My first contact with British Sign Language was in 2012, when I met a group of deaf adults in the library I used to work. I soon decided to undertake some formal learning and worked my way up to level 3 in BSL at Frank Barnes School for Deaf Children in London. This is when my twins arrived and everything was put on pause, as raising twins proved a full-time job on its own! 


Having a background in British Sign Language and a love for children, baby signing ticked all the boxes for a change in my career. And Little Signers Club was by far the best organisation to work for. 

Now, a new chapter is beginning with Sign + Learn. I'm so excited for what's around the corner and look forward to many more years of bringing you high-quality signing classes, smiles, and fun!

“Before a child talks, they sing.
Before they write, they draw.
As soon as they stand, they dance.
Art is fundamental to human expression.”


Phylicia Rashad

Learning to communicate is one of the major developmental tasks in the early years. Being able to communicate with the people around them, means that babies and toddlers can have their immediate needs met and feel safe. But, it is much more than that! They also gain skills to understand and express thoughts, feelings and information.

Little ones don't stop thinking and can think of so many things! Our job is to teach them how to think and also give them the tools to express their thoughts from an early age.

One of the things that I love most about baby signing is that it gives us this incredible insight into what our little ones are most interested in. You will be amazed at what your child wants to talk to you about!

Baby signing is easy and fun and doesn't require any special equipment. You just need your hands to unlock this magic door into your baby's thoughts.

Are you ready to join me?

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