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A new name, a new logo, but it’s still me!

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

The Little Signers Club® brand (which I have been part of since 2019 as Little Signers Club; North Wiltshire + Swindon) has been synonymous with expertly taught baby signing classes since it launched in 2010 - we’ve always been both innovative and flexible with the changing needs of our families to bring you the baby signing classes that you love.

The last twelve months have seen huge changes in the way Little Signers Club operates, not least of which was bringing our gorgeous baby signing classes and courses online. But it also showed that the wonderful teaching team across the country (of which I am one of!) really needed more flexibility and the ability to shine, too. So, after much soul searching about what to do for the best, Little Signers Club has updated the way they work, and as such I’m delighted to say that Little Signers Club; North Wiltshire + Swindon is relaunching today under my own beautiful new brand name – Sign + Learn.

Sign + Learn will remain part of the collaborative, expertly trained network of Licensed Practitioners at Little Signers Club®. This new approach will still provide you with all the things you know and love about our award-winning, nurturing, baby signing classes, courses and books.

It’s a hugely exciting time for us all and we are looking forward to this new chapter of growth with the continued gentle support and guidance of baby signing, the Little Signers Club® way, in the background.



Sign + Learn - Baby Signing Classes

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