Baby Signing Basics: What Baby Signing is, Why It Works And How to Get Started

Updated: Jun 14

I had a lovely moment with H. a couple of weeks ago. She was getting quite upset and was trying to tell me she wanted something, but the more she tried and I didn't understand, the more upset she became until I realised I should just start going through all the relevant signs- worked a treat! She was happy again and I was so pleased and proud- it felt great and was a brilliant example of how useful it is as a parenting tool. Baby Signing Mum, Anna

As a parent of a baby or toddler, maybe you can relate to a situation like the one above, where frustration can result from the lack of communication. It can be anything from hunger, a dirty nappy, tiredness or the failure to understand which toy your baby is asking for.

However, it doesn't have to be like this! There is a fun and straightforward way to communicate with your baby and it's called Baby Signing.

What is Baby Signing?

Baby signing (or Baby Sign Language as it's often called) is a tool that helps parents/caregivers and babies to communicate before speech. It is the term used for signing with babies using keyword signing from various systems. Babies learn to express themselves clearly and effectively using simple signs alongside words. Signing to your baby as you go with your daily routine is a great way to help your baby understand the meaning behind the signs and the words. With daily exposure to the signs and the gross motor skills sufficiently developed to form simple signs, the adventure begins!

What are the benefits of Baby Signing?

Signing is a skill for life! Children not only sign as babies and toddlers, but they keep signing in their childhood and well beyond.

Baby Signing...

... can decrease the stress levels for both parents and babies.

... reduces frustration and tantrums.

... enhances language development.

... aids memory.

... helps with early literacy skills.

... can increase children’s IQ.

How to Get Started with Baby Sign Language

  • Begin with just a couple of signs.

  • Always grasp your baby’s attention before signing.

  • Sign and say the word at the same time.

Do you want to learn more about baby signing and how to teach your baby 6 key words in Baby Sign Language? Request our Free guide which includes a printable Baby Signing Chart with baby’s 6 first signs.

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