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Baby Signing – What to Expect from Online Baby Signing Classes

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Toddler looking upside down

It’s the beginning of the new term and I would like to grab the opportunity to talk about something that I'm being asked quite often, especially from families interested in my online classes.

Babies and toddlers tend to have short attention spans and often struggle to pay attention for an extended period. So, parents are keen to learn more about how baby signing classes work when delivered online as it’s different to attending a class in person.

Frequently asked questions about online baby signing classes include:

"Does my child have to look at the screen during the lesson?"

"Does my baby have to be awake?"

"Do you need the baby to pay attention to the teacher in order for them to learn sign language?”

These, and similar questions, are ones I’m often asked about in relation to children's participation during the online class. The good news is that my classes aren't just for babies and toddlers – my main purpose is to start teaching parents and carers about Baby Signing Basics, so the answer to all these questions is a resounding ‘no’!

Teaching parents about Baby Signing

As the class is geared towards adults learning about baby signing, your child can do whatever he/she is happy (and you are happy!) to do. What I'm doing in these classes is teaching you - the parent, grandparent, carer- everything you need to implement baby signing in your daily life.

If lovely little faces (apart from yours) are around, that’s great! They are welcome to join in, but your child should never be forced to join if they don't feel like it. What I would suggest, if possible, is to join the class from a place in the house where your child could play happily and safely. This way you will be able to join with fewer interruptions and your child can join in too, when they feel like it and are ready.

As long as they’re not chewing cables!

Some parents also worry that their child won't sit quietly or will cause trouble etc. Guess what? Nobody expects your baby or toddler to behave like that! Toddlers are curious to explore the world around them and it is natural for them to roam around (however, you are highly advised to pick them up when they start chewing cables)!

Even better, with the online signing classes, you can turn your microphone and camera off at any point. As replays are always available, you can even leave the class safe in the knowledge that you can watch it again later!

At face-to-face baby signing classes, you can try and interact with your baby while having them on your lap, practise some of our action songs and have fun together. If they need to move around, let them go and try to focus on the class as much as you can. Then invite them back on your lap and join together again. You can try the same when taking part in online sessions.

And don't forget, no matter how hard I try during the classes, YOU are the ones who have the power to transform your babies' lives through signing. As I love to say, "Consistent signing in context is the key to signing success".

The Benefits of Online Baby Signing Classes

There are many benefits to choosing an online baby signing class, instead of face-to-face sessions:

  1. An amazing offering of our flagship course, Baby Signing Basics; your very own membership site with all the signing videos, signing tips, the know-how, the replays of the classes and much more! Learn the most important signs that meet your baby's most immediate needs, like milk, sleep, cuddle, nappy change etc.

  2. Flexibility – lessons are always recorded, so if you miss one you can simply catch up later by watching the replay.

  3. Convenience – online classes can be taken from anywhere. No need to even leave home!

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